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Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines Air Tickets at JourneyCook

Delta Airlines: One of the Prestigious American Airlines

Delta Airlines being one of the largest American Airline Company came into existence in the year 1954. The base airport of the airlines is in Atlanta (DAL) in the USA. It is acclaimed as one of the best airlines of the USA. JourneyCook offers quick, easy and reliable platform for booking air tickets for one of the most popular airlines of the USA. It covers around 3675 destinations with the help of its great infrastructure and 100 aircrafts. Daily 1500 flights are operated and around 7000 employees work for this prestigious airline. 3043 international destinations including Melbourne,New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta are covered by Delta Airlines. It helps on an average 160 million travelers globally to reach the destinations of their choice.  

Why Choose Delta?

  • Many affordable and low cost air tickets are offered by this airway to its passengers to travel to various international destinations.
  • There are many lucrative offers on domestic tickets that this airline provides.
  • Both economy and business class seats are offered at reasonable rates to the passengers.
  • For the facilitation of the passengers, large number of luxury facilities are provided for passengers traveling in first class and business class.
  • Cocktails, wine, beer, china and linen service and a pre-departure beverage is provided to first class travelers.
  • Also, economy seats are available on all the aircrafts for passengers looking for budget travel. For domestic travel, economy class passengers are also provided complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • By paying minimum amount, passengers can also enjoy alcohol drinks on the plane.

JourneyCook provides amazing deals and offers on Delta Airlines flight booking. To enjoy cheaper airfares, you must book the flights well in advance with our site.  

Delta Airlines Top Sectors

New York to Atlanta, New York to Boston, Boston to New York and Atlanta to New York are the top sectors of Delta Airlines. It operates 178, 120, 108 and 172 flights weekly on these routes respectively. There are many affordable flights to India of Delta airlines.