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Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airlines: Take Pride in Flying in the 5-Star Rated Airline

Qatar Airways is the national carrier of Qatar and has its headquarters in Doha at the Qatar Airways Tower. It came into existence in the year 1993 and connects 90 destinations all over the world with its hub situated at Doha and has a fleet of 84 aircrafts. The average age of the airplanes is less than 4.1 years. It has also been awarded the 5-star rating by Skytrax. Travel in a hassle free manner by availing the cheapest air tickets of Qatar Airways by booking through JourneyCook.



Why Book with Qatar Airways?

  • Qatar Airways offers its passengers flights that go all over the world. It is expanding its routes year by year to meet the requirements of passengers.
  • It has made great progress in a very short span of time.
  • The important destinations that are covered by Qatar are in Europe, South America, Asia-Pacific, Africa, North America and the Middle East.
  • The airline operates 99 flights to 55 destinations all over the globe.
  • Qatar Airways has plans to increase the size of its fleet so that its passengers are relaxed. The current size of the fleet is expected to double in the future.
  • Advance booking of air tickets can help to avail the cheapest fares through JourneyCook.
  • The aircrafts are Airbus variations and the latest Boeing version is being included too in order to serve the passengers in the best possible way.


Top Sectors of Qatar Airways

The top sectors that are served by Qatar Airways are Koh Samui to Bangkok with 133 flights on a weekly basis, Bangkok to Koh Samui with weekly 133 flights, Phuket to Bangkok with 56 weekly flights and Dubai to Doha with 57 flights on a weekly basis. The airline also has occasional flights from Philadelphia to Phoenix and Newcastle to London.