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Journey Cook is the leading travel website that helps to book tickets from USA to India at affordable price. We always help to make the smart choice as passengers get enough chance to select the most beneficial option out of a big range of deals and packages. To stay away of all kinds of hassle and problems, customers are advised to go through the Terms and Conditions. Intelligence and acumen can keep protected against various kinds of problems.

It is important for you to know all Terms and Conditions comprise an overall understanding between customer and agency. Thus, customers are unconditionally agreeing to all these Terms and Conditions by booking air tickets with us. Agency also owns the right to change Terms and Conditions without prior notice. And, website may also take time to display the updates.


  1. Eligibility
  2. Change in Terms and Conditions
  3. Payments
  4. Prices
  5. Issuing Travel Documents
  6. Cancellations and Alterations Policy
  7. Insurance
  8. Seller of Travel Disclosures
  9. Valid Passports and Visas
  10. Marketing Materials
  11. Limitation of Liability
  12. Local Customs and Laws
  13. Disclaimer of Warranties
  14. Special Rules regarding Air Transport
  15. Medical and Physical Conditions; Medical Emergencies
  16. Representations and Warranties
  17. Entire Agreement

Eligibility -

Our services are available for purchase to those who are or over the age of 18 years. Passengers also have the right to fly outside India.

Journey Cook uses the service of ICICI bank. For extra safety of secrets & personal details, we also maintain high security features so that you can stay protected against all kinds of unforeseen situations. We accept payments only through Master Card & Visa Card. You can also go for online payment. It is only your choice to use any of the modes. Company is not responsible for anything if something unacceptable happens to you. However, we are working on more gateways. Details will be given later. People also need to know that following points are not included as a part of the cost:

  1. Extra baggage chargesM
  2. Custom feesM
  3. Port chargesM
  4. Immigration feesM
  5. Inspection feesM
  6. Airport parkingM
  7. Departure taxes levied by foreign governmentsM
  8. Cost of passports and VisasM

Extra costs will be included in the package if you ask for additional facilities. So, talk to the customer care executives to be at safe side.

Travel Documents
Passengers themselves ensure that all the information they have given is up to the mark. We do not hold any liability regarding travel documents or any hindrance caused during the process.

Official papers issued under any name will only be dispatched to the person who has ordered and unconditionally agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

Cancellations and Alterations Policy
Cancellation of air tickets are subjected to the stipulated Cancellation and Altercations Policy. You are advised to check the rules and regulations in initial stage before making any decision as well as to stay protected against big monetary loss.

Many times political and environmental changes force to reschedule the flight on some routes. This situation is beyond our control Generally, agency essentially has to cancel or make changes to the already confirmed tickets during these situations. However, we make sure that none of the passengers is facing any kind of problem. In pursuit of this goal, we notify all as soon as possible about all kinds of changes. For your convenience, we also re-arrange the things on one simple request.

You do not need to worry on any ground. We certainly offer tickets of equivalent standard of original booked flight (passengers do not need to pay extra price). We also refund the extra money if tickets are cheaper. You will feel highly delighted to know that rescheduling is only your choice. We take the action only on your request. According to your convenience, you can also deny for the same without any restriction.

Above given information does not apply if changes are minor and not cause significant delay.

Air-ticket bookings are generally non-refundable unless mentioned in the offer description.

According to the airline fare rules, all kinds of changes to the bookings after purchase are denied. Time and date are subject to change as per the availability and confirmation of payment. Extra charges may be levied if you breach the rules and regulations.

During cancellation process, agent’s bill and administrative costs will be deducted from the refund payment.

Journey Cook does not offer insurance services. However, our representatives can bring you in contact of some service providers. It is only your responsibility if something wrong happens. We are just a link between the service provider and you. We advise to check all details and information before making any decision. It is a good decision to go for travel insurance. Policy acts as the dependable shield during unpredictable situations.

Seller of Travel Disclosures:
Passengers essentially need to know that Journey Cook is the dependable service provider. We are a proud member of California Travel Consumer Restitution Fund (TCRF).

*Purchases made outside California are not covered under TCRF.

Valid Passports, Visas
Journey Cook is not responsible for the authentication or verification of your Visa and Passport. It is your responsibility to keep correction-free documents along.

*Travel without valid visa or passport might land you in jail. So, always insure that you possess legally valid documents for hassle-free journey.

Marketing Materials
All the photos & graphics on the web pages of Journey Cook are just only for referral purposes. Agency does not guarantee the same location or beauty. It may vary to the large extent due to climatic conditions.

Local Customs and Laws
Travel to the foreign land makes traveler to deal with new traditions & customs. Taking our services means you acknowledges this. Always use discretion for delighting journey.

Disclaimer of Warranties
Each and every service is being provided on ‘As Available basis.

Journey Cook’s responsibilities are limited to the air-ticket booking. We are not responsible for any kind of loss happened to you during journey. It worth mention airlines have proper rights over schedules. We could not be held responsible for any kind of change or inconvenience. Journey Cook does not take any responsibility for delays, timetable shifts, strikes or climatic issues.

Journey Cook does not take responsibilities for loss or damage to your goods. Only concerned airline can be held liable for any kind of damage under certain Terms and Conditions.

Babies and infants
Infants are not to occupy a full seat. Talk to the representatives for the detailed information.

Terms and Conditions for pregnant travelers vary from airline to airline. So, you are suggested to check the details. Journey Cook is not liable to refund the money once the ticket is booked.

Medical and Physical Condition
Always make sure that you are medically fit to fly. Keep in mind. Journey Cook does not take any responsibility to provide medical care on the flight.

Representations and Warranties
All travelers must abide to the following points:(i) Passengers must agree to the stipulated rules and regulations and comply accordingly (ii) Travelers always give right information for hassle-free journey.

Entire Agreement
Above given Terms and Conditions consist an agreement between customers and Journey Cook. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is prerequisite to avail the services.