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Plenty of travelers travel every day abroad and for that you need to have proper legal travel documents and that should handy and safe with you. The travel documents are valid visa and valid passport. We would like to tell you that there are some information on your passport that will be disclosed and will also be mentioned on your passport document rules.

Requirements for Departure:

For traveling, rules are different from country to country and we would recommend you to carry all the important documents which may be required at the time of check-out. You need documents like your visa of specific country you are traveling to and a valid passport, there are many countries where you get on-arrival visa but still you need to carry few important document to get that visa. Likewise, for domestic travel, you need to carry a valid identity proof that was provided by the government.

While traveling to some other country you need to keep your visa and passport valid for next six months to avoid any major last minute situation.

The requirement for Entry:

For entry documents, every country has its own legal traveling rules as well as requirements. It is very important to have valid visa and passport for next six years, if you want an entry in the USA. Likewise, entry documents requirement depends on the country you are entering to. It is advisable that read the requirements and rules before going to other countries. Please go through the complete guidelines here, if you wish to visit the USA under the Visa Waiver Program.

Before visiting the USA, all VWP explorers needed an approval from ESTA (Electronic System of Travel Authority). If they don’t obtain the ESTA approval before visiting the USA there might be chances that traveler will not be permitted to board the flight. Explorers who are applying for ESTA will be accountable to ESTA application expenses. To learn and apply visit the website of Border Protection (CBP) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Customs.

Before entering the country, the Office Of Biometric Studies (OBIM) analyzes and collect the information of every immigrant. To know more, it is recommended to visit DHS website.

I-94 Form

To are required to fill the I-94 form if you are visiting the USA, other than following visitors:
Canadian citizens, US citizens, visitors returning to the USA, Non- US citizens appearing under VWP.

United States Stopover

You are required to show few documents at United States Airport if you have a stopover at the USA. Further, you are required to clear customs every time you have a stopover in the USA.

Other countries Passport Policies:


You need to have a valid ETA, Visa, and passport to travel the country or for a stopover. Go through the Border Protection Service and Australian Customs website for further information.
You are required to show related documents at custom at the airport if you are bringing any funds or goods from Australia or to Australia.


Travelers of specific countries are not required to have a passport or valid visa to travel Canada like United States Citizens. For any further information regarding this fact, you can visit the website and if you are a USA citizen you have to give an ETA, go through the authorized website to get the exact information.


If you wish to visit Honduras, you can go paperless but carry all the important documents as you need to go through a verification process at the time of arrival. You can also visit to complete your visa processing if you wish to save more time.

United Kingdom:

The registered traveler program is being run by United Kingdom Border Force to help in preparing a preapproved entry for universal explorer to the UK.
The speedier travel via air terminal will be possible and the traveler can use ePassport entry with biometric identification or can also go with the line authorized for EU/EEA nationals, appropriately abating hold up time at the time of entering the UK. You can go through the UK Border Agency Website for extra information.


You need one of the following visa’s if you are traveling to the USA from China.


10 year B1/B2, or

B2 visa

For further information regarding any of the above points, you can visit US Govt. website.


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